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I'm Offended!

My wife is not my assistant. Why would I call my personal assistant my 2nd Wife?

You, my friend, are wonderful to get this far. I applaud your sensitivity. I named this business 2nd Wife in recognition of the guilt that I feel, and that many of my professional colleagues feel, for failing to handle everything as flawlessly as our mothers and grandmothers. We have shamefully joked for years we need a Second Wife at home to handle the tasks that women have historically handled. Our mothers and grandmothers did everything well. We can aspire to that. In the meantime, we have a choice. With 2nd Wife’s help, we can find a little respite that our mothers didn’t have.

Polygamy is illegal.

Yes it is. 2nd Wife is just a name. Don’t expect all the marital benefits one would expect from a wife. Your 2nd Wife will do almost everything for you. Not everything.

By branding an image of a woman assistant, you are perpetuating a stereotype that women are secondary; that women are more nurse than doctor, more paralegal than lawyer, more secretary than executive.

2nd Wife is a tongue-in-cheek recognition of the number of things women still feel responsible for, right or wrong. The sheer number of professional women who need these services does more to destroy the woman-as-secondary stereotype than anything else. And some of the 2nd Wife Certified Personal Assistants are men.

With a 2nd Wife, there's no need to be offended!

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