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The 2nd Wife Story

I’m Ashley West, 2nd Wife’s founder. In 2009, I was on the third month of a full-blown workaholic bender. My driver’s license expired, my car needed a repair, my car warranty expired, my dry cleaning was soon to be forfeited, I had no time to grocery shop, pick up lunch, return friends' calls, buy birthday presents, or walk the dog. I had no time to coordinate the long suffering home improvement projects, no time to pick up my packages held hostage at UPS, no time to plan the holiday party for 25 of my closest friends, and certainly no time to get to the gym. I was at a breaking point. And then it occurred to me, someone else could do all of these things. And maybe I would survive. And maybe I would have time to make it to yoga before my pre-paid classes expire. I hired Kristen. It was the smartest thing I have ever done. It was the birth of 2nd Wife.

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