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Testimonials for 2nd Wife

For our event 2nd Wife delivered
a one-of-a-kind experience!

Looking to throw a memorable party that your clients or friends will talk about for months if not years? Call 2nd Wife. I worked with 2nd Wife on the Bethtastic Circus and can attest to the fact they think of everything. Most event planners lean more towards vision or logistics but 2nd Wife gives you both and then some. They will take your vision and raise it to new heights while making sure every critical detail is handled. The end result is a one-of-a-kind experience where the little details make the difference. Even better, 2nd Wife will handle everything - site selection, vendor procurement, guest list development and invitations, set up, clean up and post event follow through. Whether its a small client appreciation event or blowout birthday celebration - let 2nd Wife make it memorable.

– Julie Bornhoeft, WEAVE


2nd Wife does the projects that I don't have time to do.

When I needed a fold-out couch days before a family visit, I called 2nd Wife to research and buy something that could be delivered before my family arrived. When my daughter needed a particular skirt before an evening performance and I was stuck in meetings, I called 2nd Wife. When we had a fundraiser for my organization, a party at our house and we had to clean out our daughter's apartment all on the same weekend, I called 2nd Wife. 2nd Wife came through every time. The staff at 2nd Wife is incredible. I am so grateful this service exists!

– Beth Hassett, WEAVE


I got to be a guest at my own party thanks to 2nd Wife.

I wanted to enjoy spending time with my guests and my son at my son's first birthday party so I hired 2nd Wife to lend a hand during the party. She arrived early and was instrumental in getting the house set-up inside and out. She set-up tables, put the drinks out, decorated the party and made homemade iced tea. She took care of all of the running around during the party and let me enjoy my guests and care for my son during his big celebration. Thank you, 2nd Wife!

-- Elizabeth Dietzen Olsen, Attorney,
Senate Office of Research


When the first wife is happy, the 2nd wife
has already paid for herself.

Like many guys, I forgot my anniversary on the day of. Thankfully I remembered Not only did the rep come up with a much better gift idea than I ever could have, it was purchased, wrapped, and on my desk with a thoughtful card within two hours. The same task would have taken me twice as long, and by spending only $35 per hour for the 2nd Wife experts, I was able to continue billing at $250 per hour. Regardless, my wife loved the gift and didn't know I forgot our anniversary; 2nd Wife will definitely be my first call before any gift-giving occasion.

– Brad A. McDowell, SMITH, McDOWELL & POWELL


Thanks for planning my events, 2nd Wife!

To build my business, I participate in the Davis Art Walks. While I enjoy hosting parties, it is a huge imposition on my family because the Art Walk is on Friday nights from 6 to 9 pm. 2nd Wife assigned me the perfect assistant to help. She handled all of it: the food, the drinks, the flyers, the sandwich boards, the flowers, etc. She came dressed to represent my business and was a huge hit with both the artists and my clients. Most importantly, she represented my business well and was able to articulate what we had to offer to potential clients. I have not attended an Art Walk in awhile because I trust my 2nd Wife to handle it. What a relief!

– Catherine Kendall, The Workshop


2nd Wife lets me focus on my business.

Growing my business is my priority. 2nd Wife helps me tremendously by taking care of things like getting my car serviced and having my shoes shined and repaired. When I needed a new printer at my office, 2nd Wife researched, purchased and installed it for me. It is a no-brainer to pay 2nd Wife $35 per hour, permitting me to finish consulting projects that earn far more than that per hour. I would recommend 2nd Wife to anyone who has more things on their to-do list than one person could possibly do.

– Bryan Merica, ID Media


2nd Wife keeps the wheels on my bus.

As a small gym owner, I need A LOT of help with limited resources. My 2nd Wife is vital to my business. Twice a week, she double checks my records to make sure I am charging my clients' credit cards appropriately, verifies employee time sheets, enters client information into our system, cleans and organizes my office, buys supplies, calls on old clients, creates flyers and runs personal errands for me. If I need something done, my 2nd Wife does it. I love my 2nd Wife!

– JC Charles, Elite Fitness & Performance

Custom Artwork procured by 2nd Wife for a client's special event. Click for a detailed view!


With a 2nd Wife, there's no need to be offended!

We got your back. Go play.
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